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For Learn-to-Swim Program Directors & Teachers

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To improve the performance of your program the WABC Program Passport connection is for you.

It's the connection that enables you to not only "see" what others are doing with their teaching and program but it enables you to "be seen" by parents, grandparents, and caregivers who are using the Internet to help in their search for a program for their baby or child. Other leading programs within your country and other countries can also "see" you and refer parents and students to you and your program.


Step 1: > Submit our program contact information

  Step 2: > Submit our joining payment

Step 3: > Email our logo or photo


'Seeing' - what others have experienced & what others are currently doing

-Listing with photos, details & link to your program website - in "Highly Visible Programs".
Don't have a web page or site yet...we can help with that right away.

-Access to special section within available only to those connected through WABC. View an ever-growing archive covering teaching methods to program organization.

-Online newsletters to inform on what's happening around the world with swimming instruction for babies and children.

-New and leading books, videos and DVD's are featured on the WABC website.  And you can purchase at a discount and often select and pay for either new or gently used.

-Features on programs and teachers both in the online newsletter and at conferences shows you what's worked for others and gives you a chance to share what's worked for you.

-Online interactions for various affinity groups (e.g. Y's, JCC, Boys & Girls Clubs, Park & Rec, Swim Academy's, In Home programs, Baby specialists, Pre-School specialists and more)

- Liability insurance: we assist our members in location of affordable liability insurance whether it be for a program or for an individual teacher who seeks insurance and must show proof of insurance.

-A world conference every two years is complimented by continental and regional events in the off years. 

-You and your staff benefit from special member pricing on event registrations, products, services.


'Be Seen' - by parents and other program directors from afar referring people to you

-Your program will be listed in the WABC website's "Highly Visible Programs" so parents can find you and see that you are a quality program. Other leading schools will also refer clients to you.

-A link to your program's website is included in addition to your phone number and city location. For example...if you don't have a website, we will create a display web listing for you including a photo at no additional charge. Simple to detailed website design are available at affordable prices through WABC.

-Awards are given to highlight special contributions and achievement at various levels.

-Classified ads get your message seen (e.g. for products you wish to sell, or help you'd like to attract). Two free ads per year. Certain restrictions apply.

-Membership identification in various formats (certificates to banners) lets your clients know that you belong to an international network of quality programs and hat are looking to improve continuously.

If you are a staff of one and seek primarily information and feel you don't need to be "seen" then consider the WABC Individual Passport connection.


Program Passport

"Terrific reading articles - I am really enjoying the WABC website.  Ya'll have done such a wonderful job!  It is so very informative.  This is truly what was and is so desperately needed in the swim teaching world today!"    CeDe Dugas

12-month connection that gives you all the "see" and "be seen" benefits. Note: Includes a (one) listing in the "Highly Visible Programs" section of the WABC website (name, a city/location), state/region, country, phone, and link to your website). For additional city location listings under your same program name see below. . . . $195 USD 
> read below about saving by submitting an article for WABC to publish online and about showing your locations if you have more than one.

Be published and SAVE! $195 USD $145USD
                                                Save $50 by submitting one of the following: 

* a professional swim presentation you have made or

* a section of your teacher's manual on a
learn-to-swim subject for babies or young children

* a similar learn-to-swim subject that you have written and are now submitting

-please submit your photo (to accompany the publishing of your document (computer file image preferred) 

-all languages welcomed (submit document in two languages if you wish)

-submitting one or more documents for the special offer gives WABC permission to publish the text with your name & photo on the website. (computer word document preferred though one that can be photo copied/scanned is acceptable)

- more information about articles acceptable for submission for connection fee discount
  Can connect now and send my an article before soon?

Locations:  Show'em where you are!

If you have more than one program location by the same name, and wish to have it also listed in Highly Visible Programs, you may purchase additional location listings.
If location is in the same city advise of the appropriate description (e.g. North Miami location and South Miami location) This makes it very easy for them to see and find you in all your city - neighborhood locations.

To your basic Program Passport membership ($195 or $145) which includes one city/town location listed, you may add an additional (+1) city/town location for $25 USD.  For adding two or more additional locations...$50 USD.  Don't miss the opportunity for parents to "see" that you are in additional city/town locations. And don't forget, other program directors from afar, often search the listings and refer parents to a particular school that is where they will be moving. 

Show everyone where you are!

Step 1: > Submit our program contact information

  Step 2: > Submit our joining payment

Step 3: > Email our logo or photo