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For Learn-to-Swim Program Directors & Teachers

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Information About Article Submission

Helpful articles or speech text are desired that speak to experienced learn-to-swim program teachers and directors.  Submit and take a nice discount on your connection fee.

Do I have to submit my article now to take advantage of the discount?
Answer -
No. We would like it now if you have it, certainly. But if you feel you will have an article or presentation text that qualifies, complete your collection form now indicating that within 30 days you will submit your article. If we don't receive your article we will remind you, at that time. If at that time you no longer are able to submit your article, we will process the balance of the fee owed to meet the appropriate connection feel. So don't wait, connect now.

In what form should articles / text be submitted?  
Answer -
Preferred is a computer word processed document (Microsoft Word file as an attachment is preferred). PDF file accepted, certainly. Text, if done in another word processing format can be pasted into the body of an email - though Word and PDF'S are more preferred. The quality of a faxed article can be so low as to make largely unreadable, so it is not a preferred method of submitting an article.

What level of teacher or program director are articles aimed at?
Answer -
At a level beyond beginning teacher or director. Repeating words that are included in national teacher certification courses is not needed. If you are a new teacher or director, then you should wait to submit an article. Articles will be reviewed and if too basic will be returned asking for more detail or a higher aim in order to be accepted.

Articles or speech text that has been presented to professionals at a regional, national or international level would likely qualify. Articles by teachers who have been teaching 3 or more years would likely qualify - if aimed at professionals who have been teaching 3 or more years. Readers often are looking for articles that tell them some new that they didn't know or hadn't thought of.  When placed on the website, articles will be given a level rating so that readers can select articles that are especially helpful.  Don't be discouraged, if you think you have a helpful article, submit it. (We know that readers 'like' an article that contained information 'new' to them and at the same time 'dislike' articles that do not contain information 'new' to them...even though those articles might be very good - so do give it a try!) Articles are read by our three or more 'editors' and rated. Level ratings can change based on a significant amount of reader feedback.

If you are uncertain, after completing your connection form and receiving your Passport ID and Password, take a look at the articles posted in the Passport section. If you still have questions, please contact WABC

What topics are acceptable?
Answer -
Topics that would be of help to experienced teachers and directors.

Articles or speech text should be what length? 
Answer -
Two to two-and-a-half page single spaced pages (10pt or 12pt size type). The word count would be approximately 950 to 1200 words. Would we like a quality article of 800 words?...sure. One of 1,500 words?...sure. The content is most important. If you are uncertain, after completing your connection form and receiving your Passport ID and Password, take a look at the articles posted in the Passport section. If you still have questions, please contact WABC.

Copy of my photo?   
Answer -
If you would like to also include a copy of a photo of yourself ('head shot') we would be glad to include it with your article. Please also include your email address so that others may correspond with you, the author! If you must, you can submit an computer image that is more than a head shot and we will trim it down.

ZoŽ Swatton

Answer -
Yes, you can submit articles in one or more languages.  Please tell us what language you are submitting in case we don't immediately recognize it!  :-)