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12 months WABC World Passport Connection

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  Program Passport
   - "seeing" what others have learned and / or sharing what you have learned
   - and being "seen" by parents & peers in the WABC online display list of Connected Programs
   - discount if you submit a professional article
   - can to add 1 or more city or town locations to your listing* 

    WABC ProgPass Options:

* For Program Passports holders who would like to show additional city or town locations so that clients can see your additional city or town locations within your  WABC online listing. $25 US to list one additional city or town; $50 US for two additional locations or more. Don't let prospective clients and swim professionals referring students to you, miss knowing at a quick glance everywhere you operate!

- "seeing" what others have learned and, if you wish, sharing what you have learned
   - discount if you submit a professional article  
   - info newsletters email to you so you can see what is happening

   WABC IndivPass Options:

   offering services and products to learn to swim programs & teachers 
   - detailed online company listing in our WABC Suppliers & Services Showcase

   - your advertisements emailed twice a year to our growing list of LTS directors & teachers
   - when you join we broadcast an email featuring photos and article about your offerings

WABC Supplier Passport:

►Step 3 ... send us your info and logo for your WABC online listing.
After purchasing your Passport (Step 2) please also email your program/business logo (for Program and Supplier Passports) and information you'd like included in your listing (Find a Learn to Swim Program or Suppliers Showcase).