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How to find & select an aquatic orientation or learn-to-swim program for your child.


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Fun Baby Aquatic Orientation Class in Germany


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High Five Swim School
Cambridgeshire, UK



  Amanda Gawthrope

Amanda Gawthorpe
Virginia Hunt Newman International Award



Using a poetic verse to describe his feelings for Virginia Newman's method of teaching,

Terje Stakset writes:


Virginia Hunt Newman was a Pioneer,

And She Made It Quite Clear, 

Non-Forceful is the Only Way, 

And in That Direction it Has to Stay, 

Be Gentle from the Very Start, 

If You're Going to be Smart.



Klub Kvapka showing their positive pleasant learning experiences for babies, children, and parents in Trnava, Slovakia.

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Newly translated into English is Terje Stakset's Swim With Love. His gentle go-slow joyful approach with babies is ahelpful read for teachers as well as parents. With photos on every other page interspursed with Stakset's poems of aquatic focus it pleasantly artistic. Lesson plans for four 10-week courses are included.  Torill Hindmarch translated the book from Norwegian to English..

     - Overview and contents in the WABC Focus newsletter.

     - Audio interview with Stakset and translator Hindmarch (15 min.)


Kathy McKay of Lifestyle Swim School and speaks about philosophy and actions in working with babies and young children in the pool.
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        Discover Swimming

Discovering Swimming was written with the intention of showing the methodology, drills and skills, language and philosophy of the famous Swim Gym of Miami program. The book includes step-by-step instructions on how to get from barely being able to get into the water, all the way to the diving board and the racing block.

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