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News item April 2010 - Changing their previous advisories the American Pediatric Doctors Gave Words Easing their Past Stance Against Aquatic Programs for Children Under 4 years - and Now Point to Possible Benefits.  This is a green light for parents of 1 year olds up who desire sensible water orientation programs preparing their children for learn to swim that will follow. Click to view their statement



American Pediatric Doctors speak and advise on  swimming lessons for children 1 year and up.  May 2010 update

Kids Learn at Their Own Pace (encourage but don't push)

Benefits of Baby Aquatic Programs

First Day of Class for Baby in Philippines

We Protect Kids From Everything But Fear

Two Toddlers Drown (article includes safety statistics and info)

Dallas Area Pediatric Physician speaks about Learn to Swim

Parent Sentenced to 16 Years for contributing to the near drowning of three children

Mother Shares Experience - It is Never to Late to Learn to Swim

Adults Learn to Swim - it's never too late  article

Phoenix, Arizona, USA goes without a drowning this summer
barriers and preventatives awareness credited


Experts differ sharply on the age children should learn to swim
By Katharine Goodloe 


Fear of the Deep End: What's the best way for kids to learn to swim?

by Emily Bazelon  article


Water experince at baby health center in China
photo & article









Let's Give Thanks for ... Swimming Teachers by Garrison Keillor article