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first baby swimming lessons today    
from Karen Cheng blog...

Callum and I went for our first baby swimming lessons today!! I just can't begin to describe how excellent and fun it was!

I've been going to a different mother's group these last few weeks. And one of the mum's told me about this swimming class at the St John of God Hospital in Murdoch. The classes were quite expensive. $21 for a 1.5 hour session! Nonetheless, a few of us arranged to meet up to give it a go. Letitia with cubby-cheeked Jayden. Denise with punky-haired Jasmine. And me with big-eyed Callum.

We were all quite stressed about what our babies would wear in the pool. What if they have a little accident? So we each bought a packet of special waterproof disposable nappies. (Very expensive). But when we arrived, the class leader told us that the babies didn't have to wear anything during the swimming class. The chlorine takes care of any nasty leakages. And apparently babies don't poo when they're in water. A womb thing perhaps? She also told us that after the class, we should take the nappies off, wring all the water out and reuse them next week. Eew. On one hand, it's their pool and they have to clean it. But on the other hand, we're the ones who has to swim in it.

The water was DELICIOUSLY warm. It was one huge gorgeous hot bath. I felt my bones and muscles melt as I walked down the stairs into the water. It was heavenly. Callum freaked out a bit. He's never been surrounded by so much water before. So he just waved his arms about hoping to grab onto something. That is, me.

We splished and splashed along to nursery rhymes. Swayed and dipped to songs. Floated and bounced to different rhythms and beats. The babies LOVED it. And just because of that, it was soooo much fun!