WABC  2011
World Aquatic Babies Congress
orld Aquatic Babies & Children

the 11th Biennial International educational conference
for leading Learn-to-Swim Program Directors and Teachers



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Clearwater Beach 

24 Countries participated in WABC2009



South Africa
United States


Who will represent YOUR country in Clearwater in 2011 for the 11th anniversary WABC conference?

How about YOU?!!!












Presenting >>> Conference Agenda - PDF

Frans van Harren
Director at Autism Early Intervention Clinics  USA 
     Director ABA Academy and President of ABAtutors

"Working with Children with Development Disabilities"

Beatriz Esesarte Pesqueira
Director at Aquarela swim school   Mexico 
     Certification Trainer

"Practical Applications of Psychomotor Learning in
       Aquatic Education"

Daniel Zylberberg
     Clinical psychologist   France
     teaches infant psychology at University of Paris XIII
     2010 Virginia Hunt Newman Award Recipient

 "The Pool - An Area of Wonderful Early Interaction"

Rob & Kathy McKay
     Lifestyle Swim School  USA 
     2004 Virginia Hunt Newman Award Recipient
     book & dvd authors

     "Who are you, really? And are you ready for a
                              Paradigm Shift?"

Terje Stakset
     Norwegian Lifesaving Federation   Norway

2006 Virginia Hunt Newman Award Recipient
     dvd and book author

     "Swim With Love"

    Judi McIntosh
    Swimsational Swim School  USA

"Discover the Treasures in Your Business / Program"

     Theodore Vassilatos
 Baby Swimming    Greece
      Director of WABC2008   
     "Teaching the Four Primary Strokes to Students
      3, 4, and 5 Years of Age"

    Peter & Kathy Schrock
    Family Swim School  USA
"Getting Your Own Program Pool"

Uwe Legahn
Scwimmschule Delphin  Germany 
     Presiden of AQUAPAD - association of swim instructors

"Demonstration of Successful Aquapaedogogic Approach
      In Teaching Young Children To Swim Safely"

    Ed Pemberton
    Adventure Swim School  USA

"Foundations Applied for Learning" 

  Jim Reiser
The Swim Professor & Swim Lessons University  USA
   dvd author & certification trainer

"Getting the Most Out of Your Program Staff"

Sandra & Rafaele Madormo
Academia Via Esporte     Brasil
     Instituto de Natação Infantil

      “A Study on the Importance of Swimming       
      Related to Children’s Health”

    Robert Strauss
Swim Gym  USA
    dvd & book author

    “Why Swim, if YOU can Fly?!”

    Lulu Cisneros
    Lulu Cisneros Educación Acuática . Monterrey, Mexico



     Ailene Tisser & Cindy Freedman
Pediatric physical, occupational,
     & recreational therapists
Angelfish Therapy  USA

“Swim Whisperers: Angelfish Therapy's
                                    Swim Instruction Program"

Leading Program Directors & Teachers to Clearwater Beach, Florida USA Oct. 14-16, 2011 at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort.

Imitated but never duplicated - Virginia Hunt Newman's WABC's gathering of the world's leading Learn to Swim Directors and Teachers will be meeting on the wonderful sugar sand beach and warm Gulf of Mexico waters in - Clearwater Beach Florida

 - with new models for program organization and teaching strategies!

And the site selected is at a resort on the Gulf of Mexico  Clearwater Beach Florida - 14,15, &16 October, 2011 in the main plus pre & post event activities. Fly in to Tampa or the St Petersburg - Clearwater Airports.

Participants from
24 countries were represented at the biennial WABC2009 in Brighton England seeing presentations by a wide range of learn to swim experts. Regional conferences in Singapore and Brasil were held in 2010 with a combined attendance of over 700 people. Connect with the World through WABC!  Join WABC in Clearwater Beach! 

Previous WABC International Conferences:  Brighton (2009), St Petersburg (2007), Malmo (2005), Honolulu (2003), Buenos Aires (2001), Toulouse (1999), Oaxaca (1997), Melbourne (1995), Los Angeles (1993) and Tokyo (1990).


It would be just Goofy
to come to Florida and not come to
the World Famous Beaches!

Since none of us are as smart as ALL of us - when we meet, listen, see, learn and share . . . Don't miss
Clearwater Beach for a terrific inspirational as well as educational experience!Get 'WABC Right' - Get Brighton!

Brighton WABC2009 will be an exciting participatory exchange of different ideas - covering babies AND young children and on in to early teaching of strokes - that will greatly boost the ways you teach and administer your program.

WABC2009 is a mix of some 'favorite' presenters from previous conferences as well as 'fresh' presenters with different ideas to help you succeed. 

What in the World are you doing with your teaching & programme?

You will be excited to see and hear about the amazing growth in the UK in aquatic programs for babies and young children.  They are excited to show what they have accomplished and learn what works for you in other parts of the world. 

Steve Graves
WABC President

How do you like it ...
WABC2011 will include:

- Presentations by experts where you can listen &  see their video presentations and learn. 

- There will be interviews of experts in the areas of programs for babies, preschoolers, and those moving into strokes, plus program administration.  More up close and personal.