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Teaching an Infant to Swim, Virginia Hunt Newman, 0595223249

Teaching an Infant to Swim

by Virginia Hunt Newman   

Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 128
ISBN: 0-595-22324-9
Publication Date: May-2002

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A simple and easy to follow method of teaching infants to swim.

Since this internationally popular book was first published, hundreds of thousands of children have learned to swim with Virginia Hunt Newman's gentle, easy to follow instructions. With the help of photographs, she shows parents exactly what to do to teach their infant to be safe in the water in a fun and playful way.

She begins with answers to the first questions parents ask: How frequent should the lessons be? How long? Will my baby forget? Will he be afraid?

Among the subjects she covers are water temperature; introducing the infant to the water; getting him used to submersion; paddling under water; encouraging him to open his eyes under water; teaching him to dog-paddle on the surface of the water; and…how to use poker chips!

She also discusses breath control, floating, kicking, pulling, jumping, diving, games that can be played in the water, and pool techniques that can be adapted for use at lakes and beaches.

The author’s simple, proven methods, including the Ten Commandments of teaching little ones, will ease parents to that wonderful moment when they watch their child splash along with self-reliance, joy, and safety.

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