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A parent in her blog recently wrote...

Back in the Pool

What's the quickest way to empty a pool filled with seven three-year olds and three swim teachers? One three-year old child vomiting in the pool at the other end.

Maddie resumed her swim lessons this afternoon, and I think it's safe to say we got less than our money's worth today. The first swim lesson of the month is always hit-or-miss for one reason or another. The first interruption today was a little boy who was obviously there for the very first time. He screamed bloody murder for the entire lesson. He screamed so much that a couple of other kids started crying; they were obviously worried about what sorts of things the swim teachers were up to, especially after seeing this kid's reaction to the lesson.

Maddie kept her eye on the screamer, but overall did a great job of ignoring him. She was too excited to be swimming again.

The second, and more disgusting, interruption came in the form of a little brunette girl in a red swimsuit who started vomiting after inhaling some pool water. Unfortunately, she puked up her afternoon snack and then some, right into the pool. The kids were quickly evacuated to the neighboring pool. Unfortunately, the second pool is heated; not a good thing in Florida spring-time weather. So, while it was about 90 degrees at the pool, it was about 90 degrees in the pool. Not great for focusing on swim lessons.

Hopefully Wednesday's lesson will go a little more smoothly.

What do you think of the experience she's writing about?  email your thoughts along with your name/or initials and city and state and country to  for posting below.

MJ, ft wayne, indiana  5/15/07
Seven 3 year olds of varying comfort levels in one class with three teachers...hmmmh  Wonder what the teaching setting is? Divide (up the students) and conquer for heaven's sake!  Warm water (in the second pool mentioned) was good actually, first pool may have been cooler than 86 and contributed to making students less at ease.