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Common Questions

Here are answers to questions we receive from parents and caregivers?
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Ear, plugs
also ear infections & swimmer's ear

Q: I am trying to find earplugs for a baby. He'll be one year old next month. His pediatrician he may be getting frequent ear infections due to water getting into his ears or his grandmother's smoking. I would appreciate any help you could give me.

Cynthia Y. - USA

A: We are not physicians who could counsel you on the medical advisability or availability of ear plugs for your one-year old - we leave that to the physicians particularly the one you have chosen for your child.

Consult further with your child's physician for a medical viewpoint. Swim teachers share that the wearing of ear plugs by any age student changes the water experience and may hamper the learning of proper balance in the water for novice. Replacing an ear plug that has fallen from a wet ear (happens all the time in the pool or tub) can force  water into the ear canal. There are custom-shaped ear plugs just for your child are available...ask your physician.

Sorry that there are no studies, we are aware of, as to whether ear plugs actually do or do not prevent ear infections.

Swimmer's Ear and Ear Infections from an American Physician Group
An Australian explanation

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