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                             The Conversation

Audio conversations with learn to swim program directors and teachers

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    Shawn Tomlinson     AUDIO Conversation February 2016    32 min
    A variety of aquatic programs - and speaking on baby aquatic programs 
     Living Waters Swim School . Nofolk, Hainford, & NR10 . United Kingdom
     website:  Living Waters Swim School

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Lulu Cisneros, leader in aquatics in Mexico and other Latin American countries
 John Spannuth, legend in American aquatics:competitive, Special Olympics, water fitness

      Terje Stakset author of  "Swim With Love" and book translator, to English, Torill Hindmarch
  AUDIO Conversation June 2014    16 min

       Beatriz Esesarte    AUDIO Conversation April 2013    30 min    
       Program and Teaching for Babies & Young Children
  Acuarela Natacion Formattiva . Oaxaca . Mexico  author and educator  
       website    additional text notes to this conversation

       Rob McKay  
  AUDIO Conversation March 2013   
       Program and Teaching for Babies & Young Children
Lifestyle Swim School . Boca Raton . Florida . USA    author of book and dvd's  

Koen Verhoef Kathy McKay        Koen Verhoef . aquaDuks, Singapore - Kathy McKay. Lifestyle Swim School . USA
   AUDIO Conversation October 2009    Program Management   

Simone Benhayon
Simone Benhayon . England/Australia and  Ed Pemberton . USA
   AUDIO Conversation October 2009    
     Teaching and Learning in the Pool for 3 and 4 Year olds  

       Rob McKay    AUDIO Conversation May 2009   
       Philosophy of Baby - Young Children's Aquatic Programs
Lifestyle Swim School . Boca Raton . Florida . USA and Diaper Dolphin dvd's