Logos for WABC connected professionals to use.  (logos below) 

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Guidelines for Using Member Logo and Link

The World Aquatic Babies & Children Network  ("WABC") provides the following guidelines to assure the proper and consistent use of its official logo:

Logo Use.


Logos may be used to show that you are connected to WABC but may not be used in any manner that may indicate to others that WABC endorses, certifies, licenses, approves, accredits or in any other way is involved in the operation of your program). 

Guidelines of Use:

a) Who May Use Logo: Only those persons currently connected to WABC logo, unless otherwise permitted.  If you disconnect from WABC you must remove the logos from your brochures, ads, etc. and refrain from 

b) Where to Use Logo: The logo may be used on the Web site or other print or electronic media as prescribed herein.

c) How to use logo: For web site use every logo must include a hyper-linked to WABC's home page: http://www.WABCswim.com

d) Altering logo is Not Permitted: The logo's size, color, and design may not be altered in any way.  The logo may be used in grayscale (black and white).

e) Use with Socially unacceptable Web sites: The logo is not to be used on Web sites that are related to socially unacceptable situation and should only be used in a manner that represents the intent and spirit of the WABC . WABC trusts that those connected will follow the soon to be published Standards of Professional Practice and Ethics when using the logo.

f) Right to Change or Cancel: WABC  reserves the right to change the guidelines herein, and/or cancel at any time.

g) Name of Association:

The official name of the Association is: World Aquatic Babies & Children Network When referring to the Association in text documents this name (or its abbreviation - WABC) must be used in its entirety.

Please update the logo on your website - from the previous Congress logo to the Network logo.  The Congress logo is no longer to be used by members showing their affiliation.

Save the logos to your 'my pictures' file and then send it to your sign maker (largest logo image) who can create a sign for display at your pool!  Then send us a photo of you by your sign and we will run it in the newsletter!

How to Save:  You may click on each logo and save them to your picture folder (PC format - right click your mouse and select 'Save Picture As' and give it a name such as either clear or white background WABC logo.)  Then when needed in a document you can 'insert' - 'picture' - 'from file'.  Or export it from you pictures folder.

If you need assistance, you may email WABC